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What Features To Look For In A Mobile Before Purchasing


What Features To Look For In A Mobile Before Purchasing

You can buy the most expensive phone to get the best of the specs you want to have in a phone. But with little research and basic knowledge about the technical qualities of a mobile phone, you can spend less and still get the phone you really need. Once you know what you need, just look for those qualities and find your phone. Think of this mobile phone hunt as a Cinderella movie. You are the prince, the missing shoe is all the features you are looking for in a phone, and the phone of your dreams is Cinderella. Let’s go through this beginner’s guide to find your Cinderella.

What’s Your Budget?

Expensive phones are cool, but do you really need everything it has to offer? There are a lot of phones with lower prices that can meet your requirements. If you want to have the latest features and the best of the best, you can have a range of expensive phones, and they will make you happy indeed.

However, if affordability is an issue for you, do not worry. You just need to know what you are looking for and use that as a filter to find the phone your daily needs want without spending a fortune on unnecessary features.

Gaming and Heavy Softwares

Gaming and the use of heavy software like photoshop or video editors require fast-performing phones. For someone who needs a phone for normal internet browsing and social apps, a fast-performing phone would be a plus but not a necessity. Following are the crucial features to find a fast phone.


The best processor has a high clock speed. This means it can run multiple actions at the same time without lagging. The best processors out there include A15 Bionic Apple or Snapdragon 888. Other competitive processors are good too and support high-end games too, but if we go lower down the list of best processors, they show breaking performance. Decide on the best processor based on your processing need.


A Graphical Processing Unit or a GPU is something responsible for generating good graphics. This means it ensures good performance for your phone. It aids the CPU with this process by doing much of the work. For gaming and moving images, this is undoubtedly a significant point to look for. The GPU anyone would want is the one with larger memory, something over a 64-bit memory or higher.


It all comes to the performance of a phone when it is about using it for heavy working software. With RAM, there’s a simple instruction that you need to know. Higher the RAM, the higher the performance. It works on this logic that your device does a lot of heavy lifting when it operates heavy software. But when that weight is shared, it works faster. And that is what a RAM does. The best RAM is over 16 GB. Not just gaming, any work will do well with a larger RAM.

Display Quality

Who does not enjoy an eye-pleasing display with a broad view? It would be best to look for a phone with a wide display and a higher screen-to-body ratio to enjoy an uninterrupted view. An FHD display would be great so that you may get nicely colored images.


We use phones daily and try to capture the moments we love to become the memories we cherish. To have the best-photographed memory, we look for the best quality cameras. In this modern world of social media, good-quality images are a must. We all want to express what we feel through our images on social platforms, and we need a good camera for that. Example of a phone with a phenomenal camera is the realme C15, which is available on our unique shopping platform in Pakistan.

Real me c15

Look for a camera that offers high Megapixels and multiple lenses that can capture different styles of images. Focusing ability is essential too. A wider lens for landscape images and a lower f stop for portrait images would be great.


We carry our phones with us all the time, and good-looking phones add to our personality. Choose the phone that goes with your daily look. If you dress classy, black, champagne or white colored phones would be great. If you are a funky dresser, go for any color that you love. The real me 8 pro is one of our most recommended phones which come with most dashing looks and vibrant colors.

Realme 8 Pro

Battery Life

Apps that use up more processing speeds drain more battery. If you stay at home more, you might not need a long battery life for your phone. Nevertheless, charging a phone frequently becomes a nuisance. So it would help if you had a phone that charges up fast and does not need frequent charging.

Any Additional Fancy Specs Won’t Hurt

There are specific specs or mobile phone features that are not necessarily important but would be good to have. It might be a luxury for some and a need for others. Like a fingerprint scanner in the real me 7i might not be necessary, but those who have a busy life need this feature for a smooth workflow.

A waterproof body can be best-suited for you if you tend to work with water a lot daily or like to capture underwater shots. Another cool feature is a foldable body. It looks fancy and helps with easy phone use for some users.

You might not need these features, but they will make your life better. And that is what a phone does; it makes your life easy. So let it take care of you. You deserve it.

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