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Itel Mobiles

If you’re looking for a handy phone that’s stylish and can easily handle basic tasks, then buy an itel mobile because it’s the perfect fit!

Itel is a fast-growing mobile brand in Pakistan, so get your hands on one today!

Budget Friendly

The itel mobile price is highly affordable and should be the number one reason you get this phone!

Considering the inflation and extremely high prices of phones these days, the itel mobile price in Pakistan is comfortable when considering getting a 3G or 4G phone with good battery life, a friendly camera, and fingerprint scanning; itel is the way to go.

Design and Build         

iTel mobiles aren’t just easy on the wallet but on the eyes too! The phones are very aesthetically pleasing and affable to look at. It comes in a plastic back, plastic frame, and glass front. The design has slight edges that are nicely curved. The camera is housed in a small, unobtrusive hole.

Operating System

The Android 10 (Go Edition) operating system is provided for your convenience, and thanks to the User Interface software, you can use the device with great ease.

A CPU comes with a quad-core processor that can complete the task assigned. You can play games, browse the internet, and multitask quickly.

Battery Life

There are multiple battery types, like the one with 4000mAh. This gives you long enough to last a day or even two, depending on how much you use it.

Itel mobiles are sturdy and get the job done, so if you’re looking for a hands-on and durable mobile that prefers functionality over flare, the itel is the phone for you so make sure you get your hands on the best cellphones in Pakistan at our online store!