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3 Best Laptops for Gaming and Video Editing

3 best laptops for gaming and video editing

Things to look for in a laptop for video editing and gaming include high performance and great visuals. A RAM over 8 GB and a good CPU and GPU are there to give a good performance, so your laptop does not get stuck mid-working. Gamers understand how important it is to carry out the gaming mission uninterrupted. Video editors know that every editing step requires a great deal of effort, and losing that progress can be infuriating. A smooth core processor ensures such mishaps do not happen.

Visuals are also a very important feature. Video editing requires detailed visuals, so a good display, preferably 4k, will be the key to that. It also helps gamers get the most out of their gaming experience.

Let us look at the top 3 choices for you if you are looking for the best laptop to meet your requirements.

DELL XPS 13-9310 (2 In1) (Platinum Silver)

Money does buy happiness because the best laptop you could get is Dell XPS 13-9310. It has all the specs any gamer would want for lighter games or editing videos. Both of these uses require fast processing and a sharp display for the best experience. It is, however, expensive. So you may want to check your affordability and decide how necessary are your requirements.

The higher clock speed of this 11th gen intel multi-core processor has also given this laptop a gaming and editing advantage. It works at a higher clock speed than its ancestor model, which keeps it from lagging or heating up. The proper fanning mechanism within it is a big pro. When it stays cool, the laptop keeps it from making loud noises when it gets too warm. It will not let its user continue gaming or editing a video for fear of damaging its internal components due to the heat.

The predictive engine will manage the power for you, avoiding an instant shutdown. A laptop is unable to give a good performance when the core is not up to the mark. But this Dell laptop has an updated processor, which lets the screen give a display of 1080p. It might not be as fast as a desktop would be, but it certainly can assist that. You can hook your Dell laptop with an external GPU for optimized output.

3 best laptops for gaming and video editing

DELL Inspiron 5406 X360 (Grey)

We all want gadgets that have everything that we require, but that is hardly ever the case. If all the specs line up, the price range is not affordable. And a good price range usually gives unsatisfactory specs. However, this DELL Inspiron 5406 X360 laptop has a somewhat affordable price range and provides nice specs. The technical features might not be the best, but they give great performance with lighter games and video files.

The most annoying thing while using a laptop is when it gets stuck. You do not want that while editing a video, thereby losing your progress. And you certainly do not want that during an intense game. No one likes losing and disappointing their teammates while on a gaming mission. The 8 GB RAM, 2.4 GHz, with 256 GB SSD, is sufficient to help you with this problem. You can get decent performance with this and Intel IRIS XE Graphics.

The touch screen of DELL Inspiron 5406 X360 can be good for video editing as it makes certain steps accessible and simpler than having to use a pointing device. Those devices are not too easy to use with precision.

So if you are not sure about investing a huge sum of money for gaming or if editing videos professionally is not what you are looking for, do think about getting this laptop.

3 best laptops for gaming and video editing

HP Elitebook 840 G5 (Silver)

If gaming or video editing is something you are new to, then this laptop might be the one you are looking for. HP Elitebook 840 G5 is not as expensive as many other gaming-compatible laptops. The price range of this laptop gives all the necessary specs for fine gaming performance and a suitable display and processing for video editing.

Smooth working is a requirement of any user, irrespective of their work. HP Elitebook 840 G5 has a multi-core processor, which supports fast performance. You also get a 32 GB memory and a storage drive of 30 GB so you can store your edited work or run games at a decent speed.

A good display is not just for editors; gamers also enjoy good visuals. This laptop gives an IPS display instead of the TN panels to have a better viewing experience.

Games like GTA or Fortnite might not play right away, but with lowered settings, your laptop may support them. But newer, heavier games would not play on HP Elitebook 840 G5.

These features make this laptop a decent choice for professionals and the best choice for beginners.

3 best laptops for gaming and video editing


From the information discussed above, we can conclude that the best laptop for video editing and gaming is DELL XPS 13-9310 (2 In1). That is your choice if money is not an issue for you and you are a professional. However, DELL Inspiron 5406 X360 or HP Elitebook 840 G5 will work fine as the more affordable option. You will get decent visuals, and performance will be fine if you do not play heavy games or edit a heavy video file. This is a good choice if editing and gaming are not solely the reasons you want to use the laptop. You can run your office business on it and enjoy the rest of the gaming and video editing features as you may wish.

Choose the best option for yourself, and you can find all the three options discussed above on our website

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