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5 Best Samsung Mobile Phones Of 2022


Samsung phones are what you need if you want the best android experience. The following phones will be judged based on their specs and price. In this article, you will find the answer to some of the questions you might have. What specs do I really want? Are these phones affordable? Would the specs be worth the phone’s price? Let us read through the following review and understand these Samsung phones before buying the best phone for the year 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

A processor says a lot about a phone. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a Snapdragon 888 CPU, which helps run almost all the latest apps smoothly without any glitches. This means gaming or video editing on this phone won’t be a problem. The dual telephoto lens camera with 108MP is a must-have feature, giving images that will win your heart. The AMOLED display has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and the screen size is 6.8″, which makes viewing a pleasant experience without straining your eyes. It is a large screen, so the phone comes with an S-pen to help access its contents.

Yes, it is an expensive phone but with specs worth the price. If you want a new phone with the new year, you cannot choose a better phone than S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

The camera result of this phone will bless your eyes. It is a quad lens camera including a 64MP and 3D lens too. The processor is Snapdragon 865, which works almost like 888, so the slight difference is ignorable as you get other great specs with this Samsung phone.

We all enjoy a good display, and this phone certainly has it. The screen size is 6.7″ with a little punch hole for the camera so that you enjoy an uninterrupted view while gaming. The OLED panel gives better contrast and image results compared to LCD. This phone works great, and the 120Hz refresh rate will provide a more responsive gaming experience.

5 Best samsung android phones

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

If you are in the market for a phone that can be used as a tablet, too, look no further. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a RAM of 12GB and a Snapdragon 865 plus processor.

Unlike a regular tablet, it does not compromise on other features like a good camera. The refresh rate is adjustable, so you get smooth performance irrespective of the app you are running.

The one issue that some users may face is the size of this phone. The 6.9″ screen is a good feature but not for specific users who want a relatively compact phone. Reaching the screen’s contents could have been a problem, but Samsung provides an S-pen with the phone to help with the matter.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The unique phone of the Samsung Galaxy phone series is this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. Having a good phone means more specs, and with higher quality comes larger sizes. But thanks to the foldable body of Z Fold 3, this phone can fold into a somewhat compact form. And this is an excellent feature because a ‘mobile phone needs to be capable of being carried around with ease. Nevertheless, it would still be too large for a regular pocket. You also get an S-pen to navigate the large screen.

Not only the body, but the specs of this phone are commendable too. A 4400mAh battery, 12GB RAM, and Snapdragon 888 processor run this phone for longer, smoothly.

One drawback of having this phone is the price of it. It is not the most affordable phone, but sites like Shopingrite offer the option to buy the phone in easy installments.

5 Best samsung android phones

Samsung Galaxy A51

This phone is the right balance of affordability and great specs. The phone’s RAM is upgradeable to reach up to 8GB. This RAM size and internal storage of 64/128GB lets its users multitask while keeping larger data files without affecting the performance. The 4000mAh makes it better by allowing you to work longer on the phone.

The plastic casing of A51 might be seen as a con for users who prefer a metal casing. The camera zoom ruins the pixels, but you can take excellent pictures otherwise with the 48MP rear camera. Shooting good quality vlogs with this phone is possible thanks to the 32MP front camera. This phone is more than capable of running everyday work, making it a good budget phone.

5 Best samsung phones


A simple conclusion while keeping just the specs in mind would be that Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best Samsung phone. But not all users are alike, and thus not all will have the exact smartphone expectations. If you want to keep up with the trend, phones with an S-pen or foldable technology might intrigue you. 2022 will come up with more phones of such design and features. But if what you want from a phone is good performance and managing standard usage, an affordable option like A51 would be a smart choice.

Read the article carefully to decide on a Samsung smartphone that will satisfy your requirements.

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