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2 Best Laptops To Buy Under 100k In 2022

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A laptop is now a need for almost everyone, from office workers to students, as more businesses and learning move online. While these devices are essential to working efficiently, they can be costly. Finding a laptop that meets your budget and needs is challenging. The great thing about the recent shift of many businesses going digital is that you can also opt for online electronics shopping in Pakistan. You can browse through different options and prices without having to leave your seat!

To make the process a bit faster, today we have brought you this blog discussing some of the best laptops under 100k.

Dell Latitude 3400 i3 (Dark Grey)

This brand new Dell laptop has a high-quality battery that can run smoothly for an extended period. The size of this device makes it a travel-friendly laptop, so this one is perfect for students to carry with them to class. It is also an excellent choice for business people who frequently travel due to work. We have briefly defined all the features of this laptop below.


This laptop has an 8th-generation quad-core processor and an Intel Celeron processor to run the whole day smoothly with no errors.

External Body

As we said, it is a travel-friendly laptop because it is designed to fit your bag easily and has a thin body. The edges of this PC are glossy, and it has a wedge shape to make it look professional. Being the first 3000 series laptop, this one is considered an Ultrabook. This laptop has a 40% thinner bezel compared to the generations before—no need to fiddle with a mouse when this laptop has a smooth working touch screen.

Weight Or Dimensions

Dell Latitude 3400 i3 is light-weight as it’s only 3.69 Lbs. The display of this fantastic device is 14″ and has 19.25×330.3 dimensions.

Slots And Plots

The multiple slots available in this laptop make it a practical choice. This PC has a great SD card reader with 3.0 memory, 2.0 USB, a universal audio jack, and an adapter of 4.5mm.


There is a fingerprint lock option near the power button to keep all your data safe and secure from anyone around you.

Lenovo Ideapad V15 (Black)

Lenovo is one of the famous brands in Pakistan, providing you with a great typing experience and a smooth running processor.


Lenovo Ideapad V15 comes with an 8th-generation Intel Core processor to work smoothly and encrypt your data. This laptop is an excellent choice for people who have a high workload.

External Body

This site has narrow sides and is made of plastic. This one may look plain but has excellent keyboards and runs smoothly. You can order this fantastic laptop from our online shopping store in Pakistan.


Lenovo Ideapad V15’s screen is 15’’6, has a minimum side blaze, and is anti-glare to offer you an undisturbed display no matter how highly lit your surrounding is. This PC has great color coverage and modest contrast.


V15 comes with slots for SD cards, power cables, 2 x USB-A 3.0 (Gen 1), USB 2.0 (Gen 1) HMDI, and a headphone/mic combo.

Battery Life

With Lenovo Ideapad V15, you don’t have to carry a laptop charger everywhere you go. This PC will please you with its 35Wh battery life that can go on for 7 hours.

Now you can travel with this laptop without constantly searching for a power source. So visit our site to buy these budget-friendly laptops online in Pakistan.

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