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Apple MacBook 12" 


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Apple MacBook 12″ 

This review of the Apple MacBook 12″ explains all the features a notebook computer needs, including a slim body, configurable 16GB RAM, retina display, and a lot more.


This notebook qualifies as one due to its compact and slim design. The wedge shape makes it elegant and professional. It weighs only two pounds, and the size is just right too, making it easy to carry. The two available colors are Rose Gold and Gold, two of the most graceful hues. 

Operating System

The operating system that runs this laptop is macOS. It brings all the built-in useful applications to its users and the latest features. 

RAM and Storage

The storage specs of the Apple MacBook 12″ are perfect for the smooth working of this computer. The 8 GB large RAM makes sure that whatever work you do, gets done fast. Before your purchase, you can also configure the RAM to 16 GB. Now that’s a RAM size that can support gaming and photoshop as well. However, both RAM sizes are good enough to provide a lag-free work experience.

The storage size is up to 512GB depending on the choice of processor. A larger ROM means you can add a lot of data without constantly worrying about clearing space to make room for more.

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It is a computer processor that helps it think and process instructions faster. This MacBook has a configurable dual-core processor with Turbo Boost. This makes the processor core work more quickly, giving a better performance. It runs without noise and occasionally boosts it when required by altering the clock frequency.  

Slots and Ports

The other specs of the Apple MacBook 12″ include the updated versions of the ports and slots. There is one USB Type C port on the left side of the computer, which can output to higher resolution monitors compared to its predecessor. The right side has a headphone jack and a dual microphone.


The keyboard is full-sized. After all, it is way convenient to work on such a keyboard because it makes every button more accessible. Easier typing helps with getting work done more efficiently. So a good keyboard can affect the working experience immensely, and Apple understood that assignment well when it created the thin, comfortable, and rightly spaced keys.


The BlueTooth has been updated from 4.0 to 4.2 in this MacBook version. And WiFi wireless connection of IEEE 802.11ac standard is also on this computer. 


The retina display is almost like the LED display and generates crisp images. You can view this 2304-by-1440 resolution of the show on the large 12’’ screen. There are 226 pixels at work per inch to get you bright and eye-pleasing images with millions of colors.

Battery life 

The MacBook battery has a lot more capacity than the standard batteries due to the terraced battery cell, which optimizes the use of space. So you get a battery life of up to 12 hours and 30 days on standby.

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Apple MacBook 12"

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