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3 Best Phones Under 1 Lac

3 best phones under 1 lac

Phones have become an important part of our lives today. It is important to have a good phone for many reasons as mostly everything today needs to be done with the assistance of a phone. However, affordability is also a legit concern. Not everyone can afford an expensive all-in-one phone. But it is a common misconception that only more money can get you the phone of your dreams. The reason is, we do not use all the properties a phone can have. This means it is pointless to spend a huge sum of money on something we do not need.

Well, sure, Lidar is a cool feature, but do we need that in our life? The same goes for enhanced features like a 120hz display. Yes, it is nice to have great visuals, but 60hz gives a lovely display as well. A fancy way of charging phones is called MagSafe charging. This has a magnet at the end of the cable to charge the phone instead of the usual connector. It does feel like a smart and modish way to charge phones but let us be real; the conventional cables do the job just right as well.

What Specs Does a Phone Need?

What a good phone really needs are the practical features. Trendy features do look cool but are hardly necessary. With a fast processor and a high clock speed, your phone will work at optimal speeds. The processor in a machine keeps it from lagging, and we know no one wants that.

Now with good RAM, you get to multitask and run those applications with the least buffering. Games and heavy applications ask for more space, and a larger RAM lets its users use their phones for any purpose like a laptop would. A good camera is another thing most users demand. People today like to capture as much of their daily routines as they can to share with their loved ones, for which a good camera is necessary.

Decent visuals are another aspect we look for in a phone. Good pixel quality for pictures and higher FPS for videos like slow-mo or editing purposes helps. And most importantly, phones depend on their battery life to work as portable computers.

Let us look into the best three phones for you that will serve your requirements perfectly.

Realme C17 – 6GB/128GB

Being mobile is the whole purpose of a mobile phone. This is possible only with good battery life. Realme C17 has a 5000 mAh battery, a good, fast rechargeable battery that is highly convenient.

This C17 phone is also very efficient. The Snapdragon 460 octa-core processor is what gives this phone fast working capabilities. Gaming and editing applications are heavy, and this processor lets you do that effortlessly with lighter files. The RAM is not too much up to the mark according to the specs usually in demand. But this processor, along with the 4-6 GB RAM, gives us fast working programs on the phone.

Friends and family feel more connected when they see good-quality pictures of each other. Yes, low-quality pictures help with that too, but the feeling of looking at high-quality pictures makes one feel like they are always there. Realme C17 has a Quad camera which makes this possible.

The 90Hz display is decent. It might not be the best but qualifies mostly for most working.

Best mobile phones under 1 lac

Tecno Camon 16 PRO/SE/Premier

The octa-core processor is a good mid-range processor. This, along with 8GB RAM, makes Tecno Camon fit in the modern world of technology. It is fast and lets many games run smoothly. It might not support all the latest games, but it is suitable for many popular ones. It only lags rarely, which can be negligible.

The back and front cameras are surprisingly good for such a smartphone making it above average if not the best. It does not give grainy images as its lens has a good image sensor that captures maximum light even in a rather less lighted area. Indoor image results are decent, too, if not perfect. So it is advised to take pictures in sunlight for best results.

Speaking of cons, the stereo audio output is absent, and it also does not stream HD content. It weighs about 210g, so it is also a heavy phone for a smartphone.

This is an amazing phone given its price range and gives many important specs.

Best mobile phones under 1 lac

iPhone 6S 64GB Kit (Phone & Charger Only)

iPhones have round edges, and people tend to drop these phones occasionally. Sensitive phones break easy. It can be very inconvenient, especially when it is at the cost of losing your data. But iPhone 6S is a durable phone which is a very commendable feature. It owes its strength to its glass panel, which uses a special ion-exchange process. This quality makes it less prone to getting cracked or broken when it falls.

6S has an amazing 12 MP camera to help you capture moments of your life for your family to make your family feel closer to you.

iOS 9, upgradable to iOS 15 along with the dual-core processor, give it a good performance although, the RAM is 2 GB.

The battery is 1715 mAh, but its lifespan is short. It can get troublesome on a long journey with no charging options. It also does not have a card slot, even though its memory is 16 GB. This can be sufficient, though, if you use iCloud and occasionally clear the unwanted data.

3 Best Phones Under 1 Lac


The verdict is that the best phone out there within a budget of 1 lac is Realme C17. This phone has all the necessary specs for an average to above-average tech user. Some things might not be up to the mark, but those things are not the ones you will be bothered with. The rest of the phones are good, too but certainly not as amazing as Realme C17. They might lag more than C17 and have less advanced necessary features. Tecno Camon has good performance, however. But at the end of the day, you have to decide which phone satisfies all the requirements you must be looking for. We hope this article helped you.

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